Creativity , an implicit characteristic in humans

"Creativity is a human quality that is implicit in us a greater or lesser degree and which varies according to our experimentation and interaction with the environment."

Our experiences shape and articulate our thinking and are involved in our perception of what we call reality .... Our own reality. Creativity is a mental attitude to solve new problems and the speed with which we launched solutions to these problems, depends on our operative experience and our improvisation ability.

Creativity is a great unknown and generally is referred to when linked with the creation within the artistic field. Nothing is further from reality.

Contrary to what many people might think, creativity is an implicit feature of human being ... every human being. And this gives you the power to interrelate with environment to create value solutions and improve life quality. Using imagination to previously assess the chances of success is a critical aspect to the solution of problems, from the origins of man has made it, stand out from other species.

Creativity as a method of approach for value solutions.

As example, Thomas Edison contributed valuable solutions that we know all well, problems of his time, which would alter the interaction of people with the environment and improve to a greater or lesser life quality. Electricity as we know it today and the bulb, were at time an unprecedented event. It would be comparable to the fact that today we saw in the media of the invention antigravity vehicles without power consumption. But what differentiates Edison of his predecessors is that his creativity led to an exponential level, not only providing solutions to some problems but create them, known for a massive global reach and implantation. In other cases he invented objects for specific and limited uses, but his mental attitude to the solution and rapid improvisation made him turn around to the invention and achieved a massive presence in the society of his time.

Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, Dalí, Picasso and many other creative geniuses, were fully aware that their creative power resided primarily in transgression and constant questioning about their surroundings. This forced them to be in a constant mental reflective state that included mental visualization of the possible solutions, solutions that in many cases were classified as absurd by their peers and time has shown that analysts were visionaries.

This is the essence of creative condition ...... a mental predisposition toward observation, questioning and analyzing the environment. This provides a multilateral approach to the same event and therefore act with an open mind and without interference from convention and stereotypes imposed on our society to control it.

The creative is a revolutionary and a transgressor who constantly runs away from what he does and thinks "the vast majority" because it sees in it a way to monotony and mental coma.

The creative is a free entity that sees a universe in a single drop of water.

Andreu Belenguer

Designer and Creative Director of Project Contract

Professor Masters in Project Management


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"Creativity , an implicit characteristic in humans"
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